Claude Peeters Al Djote Fixed Blade Knife NO. I021 Certificate Of Authenticity

Claude Peeters

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Overall Length: 10 3/8" 

Blade Length: 4 3/8"

Weight: 9.2 oz.

Condition Note: Like New.  Shows very little sign of wear and tear.  Only visible sign of wear is some minor scratches on the tip of the blade and around the engraved number of the knife.  The other sign is on the handle itself (see pics).  Ferronnerie (Claude) Peeters is a metal and ironworks artist but while sharing some Al Djote tarts with friends/artists at a forge, they had no knife to cut the tarts.  So Claude forged a knife similar to this shape from a round bar  for them to use.  The concept and prototype of the Al Djote knife was born.  So from then on, he began to make a few as holiday gifts and numbered them uniquely for his customers.

This knife comes in a wooden holder and contains the certificate of authenticity (see pics).

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