About Us

I have a knife in every drawer of my house, almost literally. I have them in every car we own.  I have one in every tool bag in the garage. I have them in drawers at the office. I leave them in my pants pockets all time, where they get freshly washed by my wife. They sure are loud in the dyer. I leave them in cup holders in my car and mower. As I write this, I have one in my pocket (see my EDC pictured) right now. I have them EVERYWHERE! Enough about the present, let's look at some history below.

Like most of you, I've been re-selling something or another my entire life. My passion started in kindergarten. I would buy some double bubble in bulk, where it ended up costing me around a penny per piece, I would turn around and sell them for 5-10 cents each. I remember thinking as a kid... THIS. IS. AWESOME!!! So when I started thinking about re-selling knives, something that I love, why would I not do this? 

UsedKnives.com was born out of that LOVE for knives.  I spend hours and hours just looking through knives, just ask my wife and kids. I LOVE knives (and flashlights).  Hopefully you will see that passion displayed on our site.  We take the clearest and best photos we can, so you can accurately see what we see. We want there to be no confusion, these are USED knives.  Some are pretty, some aren't as pretty.  We like to leave them as we find them, to give you an opportunity to put your scratches on them, or take them off when you refurbish repair or restore them.

 We hope you will browse through our collection, and share in our love of used knives. Heck, you might even see a new one here and there. See you on the site!

- UsedKnives.com established in 2019, but reselling Double Bubble since 1982 and Knives since 2014.