Wholesale Grab Bag Lot Pocket Knives & Multi-Tools Various Brands Treasure Hunt


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You will receive a random selection of used knives and multi-tools, mostly from China or similar. It will include pocket knives and multi-tools. This will be a random selection of items. We will try to pull out all broken knives and tools, but if we miss one when shipping, we will make it right. Please know you are 100% guaranteed to like your purchase or your money back, no questions asked. These are not high end knives but awesome for an EDC knife. Some will have dirt or minor rust, but still usable. Some will have engravings or ads on them. These are great for flea markets, swap meets, boy scout troops, or just to stick in every vehicle you own, every drawer at home, and every tool bag you carry. Great for jobsites to hand out to crews. Some might need some oil or spit shining, but nothing major. I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

These pictures are where we will pull your knives from.  We cannot take any requests for specific knives. You will get a good variety.


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