F. Consigli Mozzetta Scarperia Custom Folding Pocket Knife Horn Handle Stainless

F. Consigli

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Open Length: 7 3/8" 

Closed Length: 4 3/8"

Blade Length: 3"

Weight: 2.1 oz.

Condition Note: Like New.  Shows almost no sign of wear and tear. No wobble in the blade, excellent snap.  No visible sign of wear on blade or handle (see pics).  This knife owes its name to the blunt tip which is absolutely missing as if the blade had been cut off.  Pointless knives became much more widespread in 1908 after the law limited the length of pointed knife blades.  The mozzetta length increased which allowed for pocket knives to be made and be more popular with blunt tips.  The handle is ox horn and was one of the unique materials used by Consigli.  Beautiful knife. 

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